Jai Maa Jeen Bhawani

Welcome to Shree Jeen Mata Prachar Sangathan(Sonipat)

||Shree Jeen Matri Sharanam||

Jai Mata Di
Gratitude to Godess Jeen!!

May Goddess aadhi Shakti Shree Jeen Mata bless all devotees with happyness and wisdom. The Shree Jeen Mata Prachar Sangathan(Sonipat) was formed in year 2001 with a mission to promote Maa adi Shakti Jeen Bhawani name through out the world. Since than samiti is performing various utsav. The first yearly Jeen Mata Jagran was held on 23, march 2002. Samiti also performe Shree Jeen Mata Mangal Path at various places occasionally.

Devotees are welcome with their querries regarding maa adi shakti dham, mangal path utsav etc. It will be our honour to serve the devotees of Bhagwati.

||Jai Maa Jeen||


Besides all other pilgrims of India, Jeen Dham is a place of religious importance. It is situated in Jeen Mata village, Sikar district of Rajasthan. Since last 10 decades, Maa Jayanti is worshipped as Maa Jeen in India. Jeen Dham is located near Jaipur, which is 14 kms away from Sikar, in the village named Goria in Himalayas. This place has been TAPASYA STHAL for saints, there is even MATTHH over here from ancient times. Rishi Kapil also did TAPASYA here. Even Kapil Dham, waterfall, named after Rishi Kapil only

Shree Jeen Mata Katha

In earlier days, Ghaghu place in Rajasthan was developed by Raja Gango Singh near about 950. This place is now located near district Churu. Raja Gango was very innocent and merciful king. But he did not have a child, because of that he was unhappy. One day the king went for hunting. When he was searching for his target, he reached Aravalli range. There in dense forest, he saw a temple which is today a Sidh Peeth of Jayanti Maya. We get description of this place in our holy scriptures. In Shiv Puran, the name of this place is included in 52 Shakti Peeth. Even the Pandavas, during their Agayat Vyas spent some time at this place. The king saw a saint meditating near a holy lake. The place was covered with wild herbs and shrubs. The king cleaned the place and reached there. The saint was worshipping. He served the saint to his best. One day when saint completed meditation, he saw that the whole place was beautifully cleaned and a person was busy in washing Shiv Linga.